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Feture & Option
Oil pressure + Nitrogen gas driving system
The most important criteria which users compare in hydraulic breakers is their impact force. Every model in the MKB line of hydraulic breakers has a high powered and efficient driving mechanism achieved through the combination of hydraulic oil pressure and nitrogen gas. Due to this mechanism, energy loss is extremely reduced so that maximum impact force is achieved.

Variable throttling mechanism
This mechanism is designed to efficiently use the hydraulic oil from the excavator. With this, it is possible to apply the optimum impact force and speed depending on the work requirements.
Models with this mechanism: MKB1400V-6000V

Non-Accumulator models
A simple design is better. Konan offers a non-accumulator breaker for its models, MKB60M-1700V2. By eliminating the use of accumulators this unique and high-tech approach contributes to cost reduction with high impact force and also helps reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Built-in Control Valve

Using the same concept as above, the built-in control valve was developed by Konan to reduce weight and operating costs.
Models with this mechanism: MKB60M-900N

Optional Features, Equipment and Attachments
Impact frequency switch-over feature (manual type)
Impact frequency can be easily changed by manually shifting the position of the selector valve set up inside the control valve. For heavy work operation such as hard rock crushing, this selector valve is kept in the “normal” position. For lighter work requiring speed, this selector valve is shifted to the “high speed” position. This mechanism is installed in MKB2500V-6000V as standard equipment.
The selector valve can be also shifted by remote control switch installed in the cabin of the hydraulic excavator (option).
Models offering this as an option: MKB1500V2-2100V

Built-in relief valve
Most hydraulic excavators have a relief valve in the piping system to prevent trouble in both the hydraulic breaker and hydraulic excavator. For hydraulic excavators that do not have a relief valve, one can be supplied as an option.
Models offering this as an option: MKB500N-2100V

Automatic greasing mechanism
An Automatic Greasing unit can be equipped which offers automatic lubrication to the abrasive surfaces and can eliminate an operator’s daily lubricating duties.
Models offering this as an option: MKB1400V-6000V

Anti-wear abrasive plate
Special hard metal plate is welded on the bracket to protect the bottom part of the bracket from wear.
Models offering this as an option: MKB1400V-6000V

Lower noise bracket
mpact noise levels, especially high frequency noise and vibration between the piston and chisel can be considerably reduced from MKB Hydraulic Breakers using the SS type bracket and special elastic materials inside the bracket.
Models offering this as an option: MKB1400V-6000V